Looking for more information about local artists in the St. Louis area? You are in the right place!

More artists are being added periodically. Are you a St. Louis-area, Catholic artist who is not on this list but would like to be? Email us at catholicartistnetwork@gmail.com and we'll fix that.

Adam Camp - Rosary Making

Adam runs Bishop Sheen Rosaries, which hand-crafts durable, striking Rosaries with a lifetime warranty. These beads are designed for everyday use, able to keep up with your lifestyle! Each Rosary purchased helps support school children in Uganda.

Adelaide Herbig - Digital

Adelaide is a graphic designer and artist who studied painting and drawing at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She uses an iPad and an Apple Pencil to create traditional religious artwork and illustrations of bible verses.

Amanda Valenza - Watercolor

Amanda is a local watercolor artist who loves to share the beauty of life and the Catholic faith through her artwork. Her inspiration comes from the Saints, florals, and animals. She does commission works and sells high-quality art prints.

Anne Radley - Artisan Soap

Anne creates art in a number of mediums, including artisan soap and Catholic cameo images.

Anne Rheinheimer - Sculpture, Jewelry, Prints

Anne is a sixteen year old Catholic who strives to use the gifts God has given her to praise His name through artistic mediums. Her resin rosaries are completely handmade with handcasted beads, and her clay saints are hand sculpted with polymer clay.

Ashley Collier - Iconography

Ashley studied Theology and Art at Benedictine College, where she discovered a great love for Eastern Catholic Iconography. She believes an Icon gives a physical account of the joy and mystery found in the Gospel.

Bernadette Lamb - Writing, Illustration, Graphic Design

Bernadette Lamb is an author and illustrator with an abiding love for middle grade fiction. Her work for young people often deals with relational healing, the fantastical, and the complicated business of growing up.

Billy James - Poetry

Expressed in rhyme and meter, Billy's poems are characterized by "parrhesia" (boldness of speech) and a strong Catholic witness. He describes his poetry as his ministry, and declares, "If they inspire you, then the blessing is mutual!"

Carol Savage - Calligraphy

Employing a variety of materials & techniques, Carol provides personalized lettering art for individuals, churches & businesses. She especially delights in sharing the handwritten Saint John’s Bible, and teaching calligraphy and other media.

Chris Heeb - Publishing, Graphic Design

Chris is a St. Louis native with deep roots in his Catholic Faith. His creativity is focused on the mission to inspire and reconnect families with their Faith through print and digital media brought to life.

Christina Boul - Jewelry, Polymer Clay

Christina is a St. Louis native and the owner of Rosula Designs. Currently, she makes polymer clay earrings and has plans to add other products in the future. You can find her work at The Painted Tree and on her Etsy page.

Cori Nations - Photography

We are Catholic photographers driven by what is true, good, and beautiful. We strive to show God’s goodness and beauty in our work to foster Faith. It is a joy to capture the love on your wedding day or within your family with our lenses.

Danielle Farley - Painting, Ceramic/Clay, Jewelry

Danielle started Steadfast Heart Jewelry in 2021 as a polymer clay earring business. It has since expanded to include hand-painted goods such as bible covers, bags, and felt hats. Her art can be found at Joys Collective in Historic Saint Charles.

George Capps - Painting, Oil/Digital

George started Goretti Fine Art along with his sister, Polly. Their work is inspired by the Western Christian imagination, steeped in the aesthetic tradition of the Old Masters, and driven to answer the challenges of our present age.

Hailey Hall - Writing, Illustration, Poetry

After converting to Catholicism, Hailey spent 5 years at a Passionist convent, before discerning out. These experiences inspired her latest publication, Passion Flowers in Bloom, a collection of poetry and illustrations available through Mater Media.

Joseph Lux - Painting

Taking after his namesake, Joseph desires to receive Mary into his home, to learn from her a complete receptivity to the will of God, and through His Word, to bear fruit. Through his commissions, he asks his patrons to accompany him in this endeavor.

Kate Davey - Fiber/Textile

Sticks and string are my medium for the creation of my art. I feel the drive to create and recognize it as my calling. I currently focus on lace knitting, which speaks to my spirit in a way that only the transcendental experience of beauty can do.

Kate Lloyd - Painting, Ceramic/Clay

Kate, a lifelong student of Classical Realism, was inspired to pursue pottery by traditional craftsmen of the Mopan River Valley in Belize. Her work, heavily influenced by her Catholic faith, is an ongoing conversation with God the Creator.

Kim Adams - Crochet, Jewelry

Kim sells handmade crochet amigurumi/items, bead jewelry, rubber band items, stitch markers, and crochet patterns.

Kristen Hall - Printmaking-Linocut

In my linocut prints, I strive to capture the spiritual energy in nature so that all may come to enjoy the beauty of creation. Life is present all around us if only we stop to enjoy its beauty.

Margaret Hardy - Illustration, Design

Margaret started her career in illustration, before growing into design. She now works for a Hollywood agency doing poster design for major releases. Additionaly, she has illustrated a complete comic book.

Maria Vargo - Singer / Songwriter, Actress, Producer, Director

Maria is the President and Artistic Director of G.K. Chesterton Entertainment, which produced the “Momenta Sacra” short-film series on the lives of the Saints. She has also starred as St. Faustina in a one-woman show and in “The Last Days” with Jonathan Roumie.

Marie Loesel - Prayer Cards, Home Goods, Totes

Abundance of Grace Prints creates modern, feminine, hand-lettered products to help Catholics in all seasons of life find God’s abundant grace to deepen their faith, build up their domestic church and convey their Catholic values in their homes.

Mary Claire MacDonald - Iconography

Mary Claire is an iconographer working in the Byzantine style. She studied under master iconographers in Texas and Peru. Iconography draws her into contemplation and community with those who commission icons. She also teaches medieval art at Priory.

Michele Bruns - Wood, Jewelry, Framed Quotes

Michele founded Elements of Faith. Elements of Faith designs and makes genuine stone bead, cultured pearl rosaries, decade rosary bracelets, wooden rosary wall plaques and hangers, picture frames with saint/bible quotes, and more.

Paula Capps - Jewelry, Books

Paula started The Mothers Rosary to promote the rosary through media and the offering of beautiful stretch-and-wrap rosary bracelets. The bracelets are named and designed for the mysteries of the rosary. Paula also authored two books on the rosary.

Riley Hirshey - Singer/Songwriter

Riley Hirshey is a singer/songwriter based in St. Louis, Missouri. His sound is wide-ranging, from yearning singer/songwriter to mainstream pop to emo. His recent singles "Cigarettes in the Park" and "Coming Home" pay homage to his emo roots.

Riley Root - Sculpture

Riley is a St. Louis native who studied classical figurative and portrait sculpture in Florence, Italy. Her classical approach is fortified by Christian Symbology studies and the beautiful teachings of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

Rinjamin Button - Painting, Pen/Ink, Mixed Media

Rinjamin Button is a Catholic multi-media artist whose goal is giving glory to God and planting seeds of faith with everything she creates. Her primary mediums are collage, pen & ink, paint, photography and music.

Robin Maria Bandy - Illustration, Photography, Painting

Throughout life, Robin continues to find the beauty of God in all creation. Portraiture is one of her focuses and she also desires to draw others towards God through little moments.

Stacia Kemna - Mixed Media

A Missouri native, the Saints' witness has blessed her family's faith, military and homeschooling journey. Inspired by her devout grandmothers, Stacia crafts handmade Catholic Saint ornaments to share their stories.

Todd Mesler - Writing, Music Composition

Todd Mesler, Jr. is a St. Louis native who composes liturgical and spiritual music. With a Doctorate in Sacred Music and a Master's in Catholic Theology, Todd writes music and text that is deeply theological and spiritually uplifting.

Tom Break - Fiber/Textile, Poetry

Tom Break found his way back into the Catholic Church in St. Louis and now travels with his family aboard a small sailboat. His work is created with layers of cut tulle which create evocative presences through images of the saints and holy symbols.

Tom Clear - Pen/Ink, Mixed Media

Tom Clear took up sketching, drawing and painting in earnest during Covid. His subject matter is largely architecture. St. Louis’ architectural heritage as Rome of the West is a continual delight and inspiration.

Vickie Kubicek - Painting, Pen/Ink

With a passion for whimsy and love of Christ, Vickie strives to bring people rushing back to God. Romantic watercolors flow from the inspiration of the Saints as a reminder of God's perpetual love and beauty in our daily lives.